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Delivery, Set up and Collection is included in your package if your suburb is shown in the highlighted area on the below map.

If you fall outside the highlighted area and are still interested in a package, please send me your address for additional travel fee details.

Delivery and Collection Times:

Saturday and Sunday: 8am – 4pm
Public holidays: 9am – 4pm

If your party is outside the above hours and would like a later collection, a fee of $40 per hour will apply.

Dismantle is not included!

Please have the equipment disassembled and ready at the nominated time for collection: including balls in bags. 

If you require a “pack up” service the cost is $25.

Hire period on delivered equipment

For events at home, we will discuss with you the week of your booking a suitable delivery time before your party and “subject to availability” delivery could be the day before or collection the day after.

For events in a park, hall or a venue, we will work with you to ensure items are delivered when you have access and, collected before you need to vacate.

For Council events or large gatherings, we also offer supervision.

Please see our “Terms and Conditions” for more information, including reasonable access, as a high-risk fee may apply if the delivery van needs to park more than 50 meters away from your event/party.

Perth Postcode Map

Delivery is included in all packages if your postcode falls within the highlighted area on the map.  

If you fall outside this area please enquire for additional delivery fee.  

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6000-Free Delivery6003-Free Delivery6004-Free Delivery6005-Free Delivery6006-Free Delivery6007-Free Delivery6007-Free Delivery6009-Free Delivery6010-Free Delivery6011-Free Delivery6014-Free Delivery6016-Free Delivery6017-Free Delivery6050-Free Delivery6051-Free Delivery6053-Free Delivery6100-Free Delivery6101-Free Delivery6102-Free Delivery6103-Free Delivery6104-Free Delivery6105-Free Delivery6058-Free Delivery6106-Free Delivery6107-Free Delivery6108-Free Delivery6109-Free Delivery6052-Free Delivery6110-Free Delivery6112-Free Delivery6121-Free Delivery6147-Free Delivery6148-Free Delivery6150-Free Delivery6151-Free Delivery6152-Free Delivery6153-Free Delivery6150-Free Delivery6154-Free Delivery6156-Free Delivery6157-Free Delivery6158-Free Delivery6159-Free Delivery6162-Free Delivery6163-Free Delivery6149-Free Delivery6164-Free Delivery6165-Free Delivery6166-Free Delivery6167-Free Delivery6165-Free Delivery6170-Free Delivery

6000-Free Delivery

6003-Free Delivery

6004-Free Delivery

6005-Free Delivery

6006-Free Delivery

6007-Free Delivery

6007-Free Delivery

6009-Free Delivery

6010-Free Delivery

6011-Free Delivery

6014-Free Delivery

6016-Free Delivery

6017-Free Delivery

6050-Free Delivery

6051-Free Delivery

6053-Free Delivery

6100-Free Delivery

6101-Free Delivery

6102-Free Delivery

6103-Free Delivery

6104-Free Delivery

6105-Free Delivery

6058-Free Delivery

6106-Free Delivery

6107-Free Delivery

6108-Free Delivery

6109-Free Delivery

6052-Free Delivery

6110-Free Delivery

6112-Free Delivery

6121-Free Delivery

6147-Free Delivery

6148-Free Delivery

6150-Free Delivery

6151-Free Delivery

6152-Free Delivery

6153-Free Delivery

6150-Free Delivery

6154-Free Delivery

6156-Free Delivery

6157-Free Delivery

6158-Free Delivery

6159-Free Delivery

6162-Free Delivery

6163-Free Delivery

6149-Free Delivery

6164-Free Delivery

6165-Free Delivery

6166-Free Delivery

6167-Free Delivery

6165-Free Delivery

6170-Free Delivery